Random Thought for today

Do we really need gun controls? Do we need better mental health system? Or do we need to go back to the basics of parenting. Teach our children at an early age to respect their elders. Teach them to respect their peers, teachers, parents etc. We as parents need to respect our children so that they can respect us,

When I was growing up I bot in more trouble at home after getting in trouble at school. When I was told to do something by my parents I did it. If I was told by my teachers I did it. When I was an adult and started working I felt my employer was supposed to get a fair days work for the pay we agreed upon.

We as a nation have become so disrespectful of everyone and everything. We have become so greedy that the only person that counts is themselfs. I believe that we each can make a small contribution to bettering the world if we each go back to basics and love your neighbor as yourself. Do undo others as you would have then do to you. Most of all show RESPECT to everyone and they soon will RESPECT those around them.

Just my random thoughts for today.


Random thoughts

I have no idea how often I’ll write or what I’ll write about. I like golf, English Springer Spaniels. I live in the country in Florida. I may try my hand at writing about rescuing Springers, my crazy mixed up life or sex or who knows what